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#researcher, designer and co-op enthusiast with a keen eye for data, political theory and the forest. Learn more about me by scrolling down. If you want to know more, contacts are in the menu to the right.

  • Current Employer Karlstad University
  • Current Position Lecturer // Research Coordinator //PhD Candidate
  • Research Environment CTF - Service Research Center // Political Science
  • ORCID 0000-0001-6650-4568

#me and stuff I do.

Data, design and democracy research in the intersection between Swedish public sector, European policy and international activism.  I’m a junkie for political philosophy, applying video game references to social analysis and spending time in the forest.

#projects and stuff

xKRP – Community Experience Data Lab Kronoparken

/Data /Digital leadership /Innovation management /Process

xKRP – Community Experience Data Lab Kronoparken
by Research Institutes of Sweden

Project manager for establishing the national data lab xKRP. Funded by the Swedish National Innovation Agency VINNOVA, the goal is to establish a national data lab focused on developing, testing and evaluating visualization, interaction and use of data with the local community as a starting point. The method is based on facilitating case / sub projects with the consortium as resource and the community as a starting point.

My role:  
My role in in xKRP has been to spearhead the funding application and compiling the project consortium – ranging from national government agencies to small data start-ups and to manage both the overall projects and individual cases within the lab. This includes dialogue with NGO:s, activists and public actors, planning and execution of data gathering and analytics workshops.


John Moose – O

/Project management /VR

John Moose – O
by Anlesser/John Moose

In John Moose’s second release, the woods come to the listener – via virtual reality. Focus was to visualize the ecological, interpersonal and spatial perspective, combining both music, movies and digital technology.

The app was made available for download in the app store and google store. All that the listener needed was a pair of VR glasses for smartphones. The release was covered by numerous tech and music magazines, amongst other, Metal Sucks and Music Crowns.

My role

My role in the O project was filming, VR-development, visualization and project management.


/Data /Design /Digital leadership /Innovation management /Project management

for Research Institutes of Sweden

Project manager for the Swedish part of the research and data innovation project Open4Citizen. This Horizon2020 project focuses on bridging the gap between open data and citizen’s involvement in developing new health care

My role in Open4Citizens has been to facilitate the ecosystem of stakeholders and project actors, managed dialog with data owners and management data and to managed the planning and execution of two data based hackathons: Hackathon for Health 2016 and 2017.

My role:
Project manager, in charge of data and data driven service design
Link: Open4Citizens

Anlesser//John Moose – Prerelease

/Design /Process /Project management /UX

John Moose – Prerelease
by Anlesser/John Moose and Marcus Sjögren

My culture collective John Moose released an app in 2015 where you could listen to our debut album absolutely free  – but only if you where in the forest. Using the GPS tracking system within Google Maps as a trigger for the in-app music player, we forced thousands of listener to put on the hiking boots and walk into the wilderness.  The launch received much attention and was mentioned in , inter alia, The Rolling Stone Magazine and Time Magazine. The concept has also recived several awards and prestigious nomination, among other The Golden Wolf and the The Golden Egg.


My role: 
Concept development, development/test and marketing (film + photo)
LINK: John Moose Prerelease

Att se sig själv i koden // To see youself in code

/Design /Innovation management /Process /Project management

Att se sig själv i koden // To see youself in code
av Karlstads Universitet & SCÖ

Karlstad University and SCÖ Samordningsförbundet Centrala Östergötland followed and supperted the implementation of algorithmic, mapping how street-level social work and the understanding of data and representation relates to the enactment and iteration of social policy such as economic benefits, employment and rehabilitation.

My role:
Project manager for reserach, process design
LINK: Verksamt Värmland

Datasprint // System Mapping – Childhood Obesity

/Data /Digital leadership /Innovation management /Process /Project management

System Mapping & Data Sprint
by Karlstads Universitet / Region Värmland

2021-2022 I designed and facilitated a data sprint process with Region Värmland with a focus on children’s health and childhood obesity.

The process was built och a system mapping process where we, together with Data Scientists from Qbim, we visualized a system map that acted as a basis for articulating data-driven challenges. href=””>System Map

Then we gathered 25 participants from design, data och healthcare for a two-day data sprint. YouTube summary

My role:
Researcher, project manager and data manager

The Commuter Game- Gamification of Data Results

/Data /Design /UX

The Commuter Commuters – Gamification of Data results
by Attityd i Karlstad for the municipality of Karlstads, Värmland Traffic and the National Transport Administration

During the spring and autumn of 2015 me and my firm Attityd worked for the social transformation project Train-on-Time managed by the municipality of Karlstad, Värmland Traffic, the National Transport Administration and others. A portion of this research was compiling data-sets on how commuters relate to public transport.

To create a more accessible and user-friendly implementation of the result we developed a game that , based on the research data, gave the players the task to persuade a person, in the game called Janne , who is reluctant to take public transportation to work and would much rather use his car, to try taking the bus.

Based on a combinations of the arguments generated from the data research the game hosted a series of answer combinations that led to either Janne taking the the bus to work or, if you lost, Janne taking his car to work.

My role: Concept developer, programmer for Enalyzer/HTML

Civic Karlstad

/Digital leadership /Innovation management /Project management /UX

Civic Karlstad
by Petter Falk

CIVIC KARLSTAD was a project sprung from the  Hyper Island/Swedish Institute YLVP program. Civic Karlstad’s purpose was to highlight the need for digitization and innovation processes in the non-profit sector.

The initiative have was handpicked to participate in the European Culture Foundation’s prestigious innovation program Idea Camp , worked the with Excellence Research Group CTF, hosted workshop at Service Convention Sweden and functioned as a reference organization for the government committee on the civic sectors.

My Role: 
Initiating and funding the project. Education design and concept developer

UTSATT – Virtual Reality and Gender

/Digital leadership /Innovation management /Process /VR

by Research Institutes of Sweden

The project UTSATT aims at producing three prototypes where academic gender equality research
meets Virtual Reality (VR). All prototypes are based on various technical approaches, in order to
spread the possibilities for future commercialization of the product in different price segments.

My role:
Spearheading the funding application and compiling the project consortium and to manage the research team, technical team and visualization team trough out the project.


2021 - ongoing

Karlstad University

Lecturer // Research Coordinator

Doing democracy-research on the relationship between data, services and policy when implementing decision making algorithms and AI in public welfare

Completing my PhD studies with supervision from CTF - Center for Service Research

2019 - 2021


Researcher / Service Designer

Research and innovation projects aimed at data, services and policy. Primarily focused on the role of data in digital democracy.

Completing my PhD studies with supervision from CTF - Center for Service Research and Political Science at Karlstad University.

2016 - 2019


Project Manager / Service Designer

Project Manager/Service Designer for research and innovation projects and processes with a focus on digital development, data-driven systems, service research and strategy.

My job revolves around research, planning and organizing of individuals, data and general target groups to identify and design new processes, services, information infrastructures and routines.

2012 - 2016

Attityd i Karlstad

Project Manager /Process Designer

Project manager and process designer for the market research and market analysis firm Attityd.

My main focus was on creating and implementing methods for collective intelligence, workshops and data collection and implementation.

2009 - 2012

The Municipality of Karlstad

City Management Official

Co-ordinator working with spatial planing, democracy strategic economic development.


National Council of Swedish Youth Organisations, LSU

Workshop Facilitator /Workshop Designer

Facilitator in the All Different All Equal campaign. Developed and applied methods to discuss norm criticism, and gender equality with young people ages 13 - 18.



WASP HS Research Affiliate

The Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program – Humanities and Society, Sweden


Research and Development Advisory Board Member

Datalab // Research and Development - The City of Helsingborg, Sweden


Management Board Member

Changemaker Educations - Experience Designer, Sweden


EHCE // Data4Change Civic Tech Hackathon

Hand-picked to participate in the EHCE Civic Tech Hackathon in Tallinn, Estonia


GLOBSEC EUact 2nd Transnational Reflection

Hand-picked to participate in the GLOBSEC Reflection Group session on the future of the European Union, Bratislava Slovakia

2019 -2020

Region Värmland - Civic Cooperation Board

Joint board of civic leaders and elected officials aimed at furthering quadruple helix cooperation in the region of Värmland, Sweden

2018 - 2020

Advisory Board Swinga Bazar

Start-Up focused on sharing economy and digital community co-operation, Sweden

2018 - 2021

Coompanion Värmland

Board Member - Focused on Social Innovation and Democratic Business Models, Sweden

2017 -2018

Advisory Board Left is Right

Start-up focused on Gender Equality and Innovation models, Sweden


DATA4CHAN.GE // Beirut Lebanon

Working event on visual storytelling and human rights, Beirut Lebanon


Workshop: StartV_TCA – The Future of Volunteering

Conselho Nacional de Juventude, Portugal

2015 - 2016

Rural Development Council

The City of Karlstad - Joint board of civic leaders and elected officials aimed at creating areas for rural development and civic engagement projects.

2014 -2015

Advisory Board Bolagsbolaget

Advisory Board Member - Focused on Innovative Business Models

2013 -2014

Special Edu: Young Leaders Visitor Program

Swedish Institute // Hyper Island


Facilitator: Youth, Media and Participation

Union of the Baltic Cities


Lecturer/ Workshop Designer: Urban Solutions - tapping the talents of urban youth

Salto Youth/British Youth Council, Birmingham, UK


Participant /Workshop Facilitator: Pave The Way - Peace and Volunteering in Europe

United Network of Young Peace builders, Budapest, Hungary

2012 -2014

National Board Member

SWY-AA Sweden


Assistant National Leader/Facilitator

Swedish Delegation, SWY 2011, Tokyo


Workshop facilitator / Education designer

Youth Advocacy and Inclusion, GSM Turkey, Ankara


Appointed rep. The Swedish EU Presidency

Swedish National Youth Council LSU


Appointed rep. The Chez Republic EU Presidency

Swedish National Youth Council LSU, Praha Chez Republic



Workshop on censorship and advocacy, Beirut Lebanon


National Board Member

Save the Children Youth, Sweden


Appointed rep. The Slovenian EU Presidency

Swedish National Youth Council LSU, Ljubljana, Slovenia